Hints & Tips 

1. Banking

Shop around to find the cheapest coin base wallet to avoid paying unnecessary fees. Likewise, if your using a debit/credit card make sure you're not paying conversion fees. See banking tab for a more simpler way to deposit.

2. Training

If a player you own doesn't make your tournament team then put him in training. They'll earn XP which will ensure your player powers up as quickly as possible. Even if your player has no game that game week, he'll still earn 75 XP by entering him in training.

3. Research

Seems obvious but prior to buying a player do as much research on him as possible. When researching younger players look for their potential. FM database or FIFA will give you a guide on how good they could become.

4. Tools

Soraredata is a must! It's the best data site I've ever used and it's free. It provides absolutely everything you need. Average player prices, last auction price and player average scores over 5, 15 & 40 games. Do not buy a player before checking out Soraredata! Other sites that are useful include Fotmob, Whoscored, Sofascore & Transfermrkt.

5. Twitter

There are some very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful people on there. So many I could mention but Mcbrideace & Quinny have been very helpful in particular. Check them out!

6. Asian leagues

It can very difficult to research players who play in the Korean or Japanese leagues. David Peters (aka seigeoftheday23) has a wealth of knowledge and information on these players so he's my go to guy. Check him out on Twitter!

7. Journalists

I have spoken to many journalists from around the world via social media to try an obtain key information on players who are difficult to research via google etc. Contracts, Injuries and transfer speculation being the most valuable.  Journalists can hold vital information. Use them!

8. Responsible gambling

Sorare is a classed as a collectables site however there is a gambling element to it in my opinion, so please only spend what you can afford. It's all about having fun!

Some very useful videos from a very talented Sorare user who goes by the name of Quinny. He's a top man, who's fast becoming a serial winner in tournaments. 

Another excellent Sorare content maker is FoxInTheBox. Five excellent videos covering absolutely everything you need to know, to help you get started.

Thanks to both Quinny & FoxInTheBox for allowing me to use their material.